CyubeVR Wiki

Here are screenshots and gifs from the official Roadmap and community


Image of an random generated desert

Colored torches

Roomscale chests with free movement, 8k textures and openable hatch

A Roomscale furnace with full interaction and 8k textures

A deer with a party hat

A bunny sitting on a deer

Vacuum bucket in 8k and cool effects

Iron Slegdehammer in beatiful sunlight

Realistic 8k stick


The cyubeVR world in a snowy day

Dual tool holding feature in action

Cool custom animated block

Drag feature in action

The cyubeVR world on a rainy day

Full Index knuckles support on realistic gloves

Gravity gloves in action

Copper Slegehammer in action

A Fully interactable briefcase

A free placeable picture frame with custom images

A house with rainbow torches

Vacuum bucket in action